Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Avoiding responsibilities

I've got a bunch of things on my to-do list: 
  • help Robbie finish his rocket before the Cub Scout space derby tomorrow night
  • plan menu & go grocery shopping
  • get remodeling bids from contractors
  • buy teacher appreciation gifts
  • pay bills
  • work on Relief Society lesson
  • clean the house!!
I spent the weekend successfully avoiding these things, instead doing this:
  • e-mailing Rob with ideas for Mother's Day gifts
  • dinner with Ralph & Judy (great company, but we don't recommend TGIFriday's three weeks in a row)
  • seeing Iron Man (two big thumbs up from both Photo Scrooge & Scrapbook Nazi)
  • watching a 4-0 blowout by Robbie's soccer team, the Oddballs
  • not finding The Living Room, our family hiking destination (see the next post)
  • reading a 619-page book about aliens, prompting speculation by my family that I had been abducted
  • sleeping in, and enjoying two meals cooked for me in the same day
  • forcing my kids to have their pictures taken with me
  • using my new salad spinner 
  • lots of laundry
I did get to cross one thing off my list—my pots are planted. And the yard looks great since that job is fortunately on Rob's list.

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