Monday, May 30, 2011

Play Ball!

Two weeks into our newly formed neighborhood league, and we love it. After our "game" with the Stringhams, I was talking to Becca about the fact that sports are so competitive at such a young age now, and we agreed that it'd be fun to bring back the pick-up game, family-style. It has been a treat to play with the Breinholts, Allens, Coxes, Perrys and Morgans. Davey Perry said something about getting to play with "the greatest people in the world," and I said, "YES—thanks for letting us join you!"

Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Scrooge Discovers New Level of Purgatory

I'm actually posting this on June 16th, but backdating to satisfy my OCD need for order.

We all know how he feels about photos; today Photo Scrooge discovered something he likes even less: preschool. I had to be at the hospital for cataract surgery at 8:00 a.m., so after he dropped me off, he came home and got Ainsley ready for her last day of preschool. It was Circus Day, and we got a note saying parents were welcome to come, although it would mostly be a performance for the kids' entertainment. Well, Ainsley wanted us to come, and after seeing her perform the gorilla rap, it seemed promising. It was kind of a big deal, last day of preschool for our youngest. I probably would have been fighting back tears, because as tough as they can sometimes be, I LOVE toddlers and preschoolers. I feel like every one of Ainsley's milestones is bittersweet. So it's probably a good thing that unsentimental Rob went. When I got out of surgery I found the following text messages waiting for me:

"Most annoying program ever. Lame teacher skits."
"Worse than a dance recital."
And finally, "I'd rather be having eye surgery."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best. Concert. Ever.

Rob thinks The Police concert a few years ago was better. And I'll admit, it's a tough call. But I've got to give it to U2. What a show.

We loved every minute of it. Except maybe the minutes that Fat Courtney Love was shoving/stepping on/groping us. Still, worth all that and the year-long wait. I love them as much (or more) than I did as a teenager. Hope they're still rocking when I'm a grandma.

P.S. This concert was a close runner-up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

She just makes me happy.

This photo is definitely going into my "favorites" folder. Ainsley wishes she had glasses, so has been wearing this pair of sunglasses with the lenses removed everywhere the past couple of days, including to church and school. She says they make her look smart. Darn cute too.

She's also taken to carrying around a magnifying glass and notebook, for her "investigations." I love this girl.

Friday, May 20, 2011


  • I'm hoping my sensitive tooth is not a cavity.
  • I made it out of Costco without buying anything that wasn't on my list.
  • I'm listening to a podcast on meditation.
  • I had a sandwich for breakfast and oatmeal for lunch.
  • I need to figure out how to sync my calendar to my new iPhone.
  • I wish it was warm and sunny.
  • I'm craving a really great novel.
  • I might be willing to settle for a really great movie.
  • I feel grateful.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finally caught up!

Whew. Now I can start taking pictures again.

Sunday was our Backman Family History night, at Bill and Ginny's house. After our trip to Gettysburg, Robbie was especially excited to see Bill's collection of Civil War memorabilia. Joey doesn't have the Civil War background, but does have the typical fascination with weapons for a boy his age. This Colt Rifle is taller than he is, and pretty heavy too.

The handgun was a big hit too.

As was the sword.

What is it with boys and weapons anyway?

My favorite relic was the Bible, with some pretty heart-wrenching journaling on the inside of the front and back cover. I loved the photos too.

Usually these evenings we read the history of an ancestor, but tonight Grandma Janet told us a little about her life. She is amazing. We love her so much. We feel so lucky to still have her, Rob's grandpa and my grandma around.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

H - E - Double Toothpicks.

Here's how Photo Scrooge envisions it:

I had to spell it out because my kids are offended by my potty mouth. If they come across this word in the scriptures, they'll protest ("Wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to...I AM NOT SAYING THAT WORD").

But they'd probably agree with Rob. No one loved the ordeal of going for our first ever professional family portrait. Not even me, and hello, I'm the Photo Nazi. I got stressed over what to have everyone wear, haircuts, getting it all washed and ironed, checking kids out of school early, and trying to achieve the impossible feat of having us all looking decent at the same time.

I did relax and stop snapping at everyone once we were there. Everyone I've worked with at Busath has been so professional and nice. I asked our photographer, Dave, if his assistant could take a picture of him taking our picture, for the blog and year-end slideshow. He told me he gets that request all the time, being such a famous photographer. :)

I just hope we'll have at least one good photo and it'll be worth all the work. If it turns out anything like these photos, I'll be thrilled.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A League of Our Own

Yay! I'm finally done catching up April, all backdated. I can finally move on to May, and that won't take long, because I quit taking photos, knowing that I was so behind.

When I filled in our May calendar, I was slightly alarmed by the weekly YM softball games. Robbie played one season of Little League, but that was FOUR years ago. On Saturday, we got out our mitts and threw balls in the backyard for as long as my shoulder could take it. The boys had such a good time that they suggested a "game" with the Stringhams for family night.

We used tennis balls, hoping to avoid any ER trips for our inexperienced kids.

I love that Samantha wore a "uniform."

Our league is open to kids of all ages.

I love this photo of Jonas and Samantha, demonstrating the seldom-seen "baseball flop."

Amelia, clearly a big hitter.

She takes after her Uncle Rob.

Check out that follow-through.

Rob loves to pose for the camera.

I don't usually post this many photos for something like this, but I couldn't resist these.

We didn't really play Marshes v. Stringhams, because that would hardly be fair—they've got an extra player.

We had a great time. I kind of wish we lived in the era of the pick-up game. I hate that it's so competitive at such a young age now.

No, they weren't climbing the fence to catch a fly ball.

Here's hoping for more casual sports, not to mention more sunshine and fresh air.