Friday, March 28, 2014

Les Rochers Sculptes de Rotheneuf

There is something magical about coastal areas, and although we only had two full days there, Brittany was one of our favorite places.

Rob found a website that listed the Rotheneuf Rock Sculptures  as someplace worth visiting in Brittany, and I'm so glad we went! It was an unexpected gem. In the late 19th century a young Abbe had a stroke and lost his hearing and speech, so he retreated to the cliffs of Rotheneuf and spent the next 25 years carving hundreds of sculptures, mostly depicting the infamous Rotheneuf family, who had dominated local history from the 15th-18th centuries. In the legends, these sailors and fishermen (turned smugglers and pirates) were finally defeated in an epic battle where sea creatures consumed the fallen. The sculpures are eroding, so if you have the opportunity to visit soon, don't miss them!

This is one of my favorite photos of the trip...our Christmas card 2014. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014


We drove from Oizé to Cancale, which is in Brittany. We stayed in a time-share type resort, and the kids were thrilled that it had a pool. We threatened them that if we got home and they told people that this was their favorite part of their seven-month adventure in Europe, it'd be their last trip with us. :)

You'll notice the conspicuous absence of Robbie again...he was taking advantage of the wifi in the lobby to take his math final. Thank goodness, last final for the term!