Friday, November 20, 2009

Ve haf a vinner!

I've been meaning to post this exciting news all week—Joey took first place in literature for Reflections. This kid thrives on positive reinforcement. He just lights up—I wish I could have caught his face when they announced it. But he's still pretty happy here:
I do feel a little bad that what is getting reinforced is a first draft, "this is due tomorrow so I'd better get it done"entry. Here's what he wrote:

Beautiful People
By Joey Marsh

Some people think that beauty is fancy clothes or make up, but I think beauty is happiness, kindness, and treating others the way you want to be treated. I think that someone beautiful would be helpful. For example my grandparents are beautiful. They may look old, and have wrinkles and white hair, but they are nice and happy and they treat others kindly and they are helpful. I think everyone on Earth can be beautiful if they are kind to each other.


AND, guess who won these brownies?!
Yes, this might be an unprecedented two-winner week in the Marsh family. Hopefully our luck will extend to our teams tomorrow. Too bad we're not still living in Idaho, we could give the lottery a try. :) Thank you, Stacy Julian, the only person I know of who loves brownies as much as I do. If you haven't checked out her blog, go and be inspired.

I don't think I've ever won ANYTHING before, and it was so fun to see my name listed (although a little embarrassing because I left a pretty lame comment—couldn't I win when I had something witty to say? Um, don't answer that.)

Since I'm feeling the love, and I think all three of you reading this would agree that if I had an area of expertise, it would be brownies, I too am going to give away some homemade brownies. Just leave a comment, preferably a lame one. I'll draw one of them at random on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. You can even pick which recipe you'd like: St. George Brownies, Mint Brownies, Brownie Cake or Ultimate Brownies (which I haven't posted yet, but will if you pick them).


Natalie Allen said...

As a very wise friend of mine once said: "Great products, great companies, great giveaways, great blog…thank you!!"

Julie said...

So cool - I was going to leave a comment about Joey's sweet essay and now I get a chance to win some brownies!!

Tell Joey great job - what insightful words - beautifully written :-).

Amy said...

I'm very picky about a brownie: fudgy, not cake-like; bittersweet chocolate, not milk; absolutely no frosting; no added flavors or swirls; nuts are a good addition but not necessary. And I haven't found a recipe to fit the bill. Do you have one, Michelle?

(a lame comment from a lame friend: Amy Farmer)

Rob said...

I would like to win a pan of ultimate brownies. And I'd like to lick the bowl.

Michelle said...

Natalie, hahahahaha. Good one.

Julie, you probably don't eat anything as unhealthy as brownies, but I'd love to spoil your kids.

Amy, I sent you a message on FB since this doesn't automatically reply. The Ultimate Brownie recipe is for you. And please send me an invite to Stratford Moms blog!

Rob, sorry but I don't think this contest is open to you. But when I get my Bosch mixer for Christmas, you can order Brownies anytime you want. :)

Melissa said...

Can I enter more than once? Not that brownies are what I need. I'm sure Tony would not approve.

skinny said...

Brownies, beautiful
Dark, sweet, good, lovely, yummy
Blondies, where its at.


Amanda Morgan said...

Don't worry too much about Joey's last minute effort. Most of my college papers were "first-drafts" and they somehow seemed to be better than the over-thought ones. So just think of it as a college-prep essay!

gbk said...

Congrtulations to Joey and Michelle for your two great wins.

gbk said...

Michelle - I have had a bosch since before you were born. I love mine and it still works like a charm.

Unknown said...

Hey Michelle,

I'm delighted to find your blog! Guess what? Trey got 4th place in literature in our Reflections contest -- how cool is that?

Your brownies are in the mail (I'm a little nervous, you being a connoisseur and all)

Let me know when they arrive!

Front Porch Friend. said...

I would've discovered your blog long ago it I knew you were giving away brownies. I was thinking about you the other day. Talking with Dana Kirkham during our ANNIE production...we both miss you, book club, and Bernadine (Bernadette) I can't remember her name, sadly, but loved that woman. Your Joey is a great writer...and SO grown up! I'll be checking back frequently now!