Saturday, March 30, 2013

Washington DC, Round Two, Day Three

We began our day at Union Station, hoping to get crepes for breakfast. Unfortunately, Crepe Lena was slow in opening, and we didn't have time to wait since we had tickets to tour the Capitol. So we grabbed a Jamba Juice and started walking.

Smoothies may not have been the best choice, since it was freezing cold! Don't let those blue skies deceive you! The wind was bitter.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the line we had to wait in to get inside. Let's just say that we weren't the only ones who thought DC would be a great spring break trip.

It was worth it though, we really like the Capitol. It's a beautiful building and informative tour.

Another bonus is that you can walk through the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress, which is stunning.

Working our way back to the hotel, we went past the Supreme Court Building, which was being renovated.

And again past Union Station...

To our hotel (the Grand Hyatt). Loved the cherry blossoms in the lobby.

After dropping off our souvenirs, we headed over to the Mall, to the Museum of Natural History (another place we didn't get to see with Robbie).

We did repeat a favorite dinner from our previous trip, at BGR, The Burger Joint.

Luckily we averaged about 20,000 steps (ten miles) a day on this trip, so those decadent burgers didn't count. :)

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