Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Walk in Paris

Guest Post by Ainsley
Posted June 18, 2015

Ainsley here! I am going to talk about a walk that me and my dad went on. We went to a church and on the doors it has all ten commandments.  Five on each side. Here I am standing by one of the huge doors.

Here I am in front of the church, it's called La Madeleine.

One of the sides of the church.

Me posing with this lovely statue.

 On top of a building was a stature of something. I can't remember what this is.

And we finally (after a LONG walk) we found macaroons. If you've never had a macaroon, you don't know what you're missing. They are made with two gourmet cookies, with gourmet frosting in the middle. There are many different flavors, like strawberry, lemon, chocolate, mango, lime, apple...the list goes on. They are light and soft, but kind of crunchy. It's worth a trip to Paris just for a good macaroon. Walking in Paris is the best!!

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