Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

The boys were excited to get back to school, and maybe I'm a bad mom for admitting this, but I was excited to have them start too. Our kitchen/living room remodeling project started the same day, so it was good timing. 

Joey's starting second grade, and we're especially excited because Robbie's third grade teacher moved to second, and Joey's in her class! She is awesome; we couldn't be happier. Second grade is the year that Robbie read the Harry Potter books, and the way Joey has been reading this summer, he should be ready for them. 

Robbie will be in fourth grade, and we don't know his teachers well yet, but they seem great too. I'm hoping for a few more years before Robbie is past my math level, but you never know, it's not something I use much, and he's pretty smart. :)

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