Thursday, December 4, 2008

Beware of the doghouse

Photo Scrooge apparantly has a great christmas present for me, even though the new kitchen was supposed to be it for the next five years. He knows I'm not into jewelry, so maybe it's something "truly nice, like a gym membership."


Marsh Mayhem said...

Matt panicked when he saw this -- because I've been begging for a gym membership!!

Mandy said...

Steve's in big trouble if he ever (heaven forbid) has a second wife, because I actually ask for things like a carpet cleaner and exercise equipment. Though I have to admit I wasn't completely ecstatic when he bought "us" a new car stereo on our first anniversary. ;)

Julie said...

My friend sent this to us last week - HILARIOUS! I never have any expectations, so a dual bag vacuum cleaner might be pretty cool :-).

Hey - talked with Cynthia on Friday - let's get together soon!