Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine boxes

I'm breaking my long blog silence just for you, Care. Robbie had a great idea for a creative valentines box for school, and Joey decided to forego his idea of a flushing toilet box in favor of this:

Joey is just starting the fourth book in the Harry Potter series, and Robbie recently finished the Eragon series.

The boxes were pretty easy to make—they're lightbulb boxes that open on top, so the top becomes the front cover of the book. We painted the boxes the background color, photocopied the cover and spine, and glued it on. We glued white cardstock on three sides to look like pages. We added a bookplate sticker inside the box that says "This book belongs in the home library of: ____________." The boys plan on keeping these boxes to stash their stuff afterward.

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Amanda Morgan said...

Those boxes are awesome! I'm sure they will be used as treasure keepers for quite some time after V-Day! Talk about bang for the buck!