Friday, July 24, 2009

Not-so-happy campers

I'm finally ready to end my blogging sabbatical. We've been crazy busy, and maybe someday I'll fill in those gaps...or maybe not.

Last night Rob and Robbie went to their first scouting overnight camp. Of course I have no photos of that (it is Photo Scrooge that we're talking about here). Here at home, the other three were begging to sleep out too, so after negotiating some jobs that had to be completed, I agreed to let them sleep on the balcony, where I could supervise them from my air-conditioned room and super-comfortable bed. They did their jobs and we got them set up:

They were out there just long enough to say prayers and take a couple of photos, then I turned off the lights and went in. Ten seconds later Ainsley was in trying to turn the lights back on and I told her to close the door so the bugs wouldn't come in. "Bugs?! I don't want to get bugs on me!" from all three. Truly their mom's kids. So they ended up "camping out" on the floor in the girls room:

I got a couple of clean rooms and a good eight hours of sleep out of it, so that's my kind of camping.

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