Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last week of school

Ainsley and I were in on the action at the school for about half the day. We saw Joey play the piano in the third grade talent show:

And then Robbie in the fifth grade program. They're all dressed to represent their states—Robbie had Arizona, but couldn't figure out how to make an illegal immigrant costume, so went with Native American.

Robbie LOVED his teacher, Mrs. Stott.

Waiting for the bell to ring:

This photo sums up how we're all feeling pretty well. FREEDOM!!
I did a pretty lousy job of getting my usual round of end of year photos. I've given myself a little vacation from the daily photo, and I guess I've taken it a little too far. Sometimes that happens. I'm excited to have the next 78 days to capture sunshine, flip-flops, vacations and fun.

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