Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

If I were really back into the swing of things, I'd have snapped a photo of the kids eating their cereal by flashlight this morning. They thought the power outage was an adventure. Since I missed that, I think I'll play catch up.

I've got three birthday posts to make up, so I'm starting with the earliest. Ellie turned seven on August 29th.
Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so we had time for her requested pancake breakfast and opening presents before church.

Homemade pizza was her dinner choice.
And mint brownies in lieu of cake.
Seven things about Ellie:
1. She is a fantastic artist. Remember these?
2. She is a peacemaker and has a tender heart.
3. She is a girly-girl and more fashion-conscious than any 7 year-old should be.
4. She is Ainsley's best friend, and a wonderful sister.
5. She is a straight A student.
6. She is inclusive and makes friends easily. (She wanted to invite 26 girls to her friend party!)
7. She is so loved. She makes us happy every single day.

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