Monday, March 29, 2010

"Fun family"

I have a huge overflowing box full of memorabilia that I'm trying to get rid of, so I'm hoping to scan what I can and this is my first project. It's a book Ellie made last fall, drawings of each member of our family in the previously unknown genre of "Blender Art." Apparently Ainsley was drawing a picture of a smoothie, and Ellie saw opportunity in those lines. We see a future career at Cartoon Network for Ellie.
You'll notice a law enforcement theme in these next two photos—first Dad, as the prisoner.
And Mom, as the police officer. And I don't want to see any comments about me getting out the handcuffs—this is my six year-old drawing these.
Here's Joey. Love that his hair is literally red.
I noticed that I am the only person who is not saying "fun" or "fun family." An oversight, I'm sure. :)
Can you see the blender shapes here? She's a genius.
She did two portraits of each of us. Here are the backside pictures.I can't even tell you how much I love these pictures. I'm not sure this "scan and throw away" idea is going to work. How could I toss these?


Melissa said...

I think you're just going to have to have them bound into a book.

Amanda Morgan said...

You should frame them and find a wall for them! What a great arrangement!