Thursday, January 19, 2012

No more Cub Scouts!

Scouting has been a pretty big part of our lives for the past five years. I've been a den leader for nearly five of the six years my boys were in cub scouts. This month has been extra busy, since I've been finishing up my commitment as Webelos leader, planning the joint Blue & Gold Banquet/Arrow of Light Ceremony AND I've been called as to help with advancement for the eleven year-old boy scouts. No pressure there, I'm only following in the footsteps of the great Lois Banks. Joey has been so excited to finally become a boy scout so he could earn homemade slurpees and other treats...but no, he gets me instead. She did fix them each one last slurpee on January 13th, when they turned in their reading merit badge cards. I used my phone, so it's not a great photo:

Here we are at the Court of Honor on January 18th.

Robbie was awarded his Life, so it's Eagle project time.

Although Joey earned his Arrow of Light back in September, the ceremony wasn't until January 19th, after most of the other Webelos had finished theirs. The pack meeting was great, we have such great leaders now I'm almost sorry to be done with cub scouts. Almost being the key word there. :)

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