Monday, March 19, 2012

This Week's "Field Trip"

How many kids get excited to visit the dentist? Mine do. Eye exam? Yep. Well, except maybe Joey, because he hates getting drops put in his eyes (gets that from Rob).

But they love trying on glasses...

Joey's vision is 20/15, but he can't resist a prop. I love the Napolean Dynamite specs. If he grows his hair out again, it'll be the perfect Halloween costume.

The big news is that Ellie needs glasses, just a little long-distance correction. She liked these three pair:

So, what's your vote? I'll post her choice when we pick them up next week...

Finally, the kids with those awesome disposable sunglasses:


Julie said...

WOW - a feel so connected!! I think you've done like 10 posts since I last checked - love :-). Ellie looks so cute in all the glasses, but I think i'll vote purple. I LOVE the new rooms - going to have to stop by for a peek. Your life seems so colorful and happy - glad to stop by for a few minutes on this blustery morning!


Ariana said...

The middle one are SOOOOOO cute she should get them