Sunday, September 30, 2012

NYC, day three

It wasn't easy after a long, tiring day and late night to wake up early for church, but I'm glad we did. The chapel we went to is in the same building as the Manhattan Temple, which is cool. It was a pretty big congregation, although we couldn't tell how many were visitors, like us. If those who stood to bear their testimonies are any indication, the visitors outnumbered the ward members. 

After the counselor in the bishopric talked about the movie E.T. in his testimony, and the first visitor discussed the Broadway play Wicked in his, I turned to Rob and said, "It's a show need to work Spiderman Turn Off the Dark into your testimony." :)

Seriously though, I like seeing and hearing diverse people share their testimonies of the gospel and Christ; I don't think we need to be identical in order to be united in our faith. 

We broke our fast after church with blueberry muffins and cookies from Levain's, which was recommended by the blog post I'd read and at least two other people I knew who'd been there. It was delicious.

We walked back to the hotel, passing by the famous Dakota building, where John Lennon lived and was killed.

We had intended to take a three hour boat cruise around the island, but it was raining and we opted to take a three hour nap instead. We woke up ready for round two of our walking tour. We passed by the NY Public Library:

And Grand Central Station:

We actually went in there, check out the cool astronomical ceiling:

I love the beaux arts architectural style.

We passed the Helmsley building:

And made it to our destination, St. Patrick's Cathedral. We went to church a second time there, catching the end of Mass.

We also went inside FAO Schwartz, which was closed when we were there on Friday night.

There were a bunch of kids on the "Big" piano, so we didn't get photos on that, but texted this one to Ainsley, who loves all things HP. Rob says it looks like I'm posing for a photo with my new family. :)

We had tickets to the "Top of the Rock" here at the Rockerfeller Center.

We wandered around the plaza a bit while we waited for our time slot.

We didn't ever make it back to try to get on the Today show for Ainsley, but I quit watching when they fired Ann Curry anyway.

There's Radio City Hall:

And here we are at the top, in a rare (and not very good) photo of both of us. I did my best not to humiliate Rob too much with my touristy ways by asking complete strangers to take pictures of us. :)

It's crazy how high up it is. I could never do what these guys did:

Great views though, I'm glad we went up at night.


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Julie said...

Awesome pics - I loved reading about your trip - you documented everything so well and look beautiful in every picture. Now you've got me dreaming of NYC . . .