Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NYC, day five

Tuesday was museum day, a good choice for a rainy day. But I couldn't resist a couple of book-geek stops along the way. The famous Algonquin Hotel:

And, once again, the NY Public Library (only this time it was open). They have Lego versions of the iconic lions in the lobby.

I also went back to Macy's, thinking that in a store so huge surely I'd be able to find some 33" length pants for Rob. Um, no. Apparently he didn't get the memo about staying in the even numbers for sizing.

I loved The Frick. The size was perfect, plenty to see, but not overwhelming. The audio tour was great, and the mansion itself is worth seeing, even without the art.

Speaking of overwhelming...

The Met is just huge. By the time I got there it was just too much. I ate in the cafe and wandered aimlessly, mostly in the modern European painters wing.

I bought the girls' souvenirs at the American Girl store (matching NYC t-shirts for them and their dolls), and picked up some Legos for the boys (the architecture series—Empire State Building, Rockerfeller Plaza and The Guggenheim).

We had dinner at Trattoria Trecolori, for the second time. The food and service were both excellent, and as you can kind of see in the photo below, it was right next to the theater for Peter and the Starcatcher, which we saw that night. Of the shows we saw, it was the "indie," very creative and witty. I loved the Peter series (I highly recommend the audio version, it's read by the fabulous Jim Dale), and wanted to check out the show because it's coming to the Shakespearean Festival next year, and the kids loved the books too. I might take the boys, but I think most of it would go over the girls' heads.

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