Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NYC, day six

I got an unintentional early (5:00 a.m.) start, because I woke up with a very poorly timed infection. On my way down to the pharmacy I had my only celebrity sighting, through the windows of the Good Morning America studio. Although it's hard to see from here, Robin Roberts and George Stepanopoulos appear to be just as good looking in real life as they are on TV.

After a long morning involving a semi-comical visit to the doctor in order to get a prescription, I finally felt better and debated my options for our last afternoon there. I had hoped to spend the morning at Columbia and the afternoon at a Broadway matinee, followed by some neighborhood wandering. I had to pick one of the three, and ended up wandering, hoping to pick up some gifts to bring home. I went to the Chelsea Market:

And this is when I snuck back to Stand4 for a shake. I also went by The Strand bookstore for some souvenirs (book bags for the boys).

I had searched high and low for a Columbia sweatshirt, and was so excited when I serendipitously saw this store that we'd seen on our first evening wandering around (only couldn't remember where). Unfortunately, they weren't selling college gear, just hanging pennants to look preppy.

We had tickets to the 9/11 memorial that night. Being married to the genius behind this, I can't help noticing logos. I really like the 9/11 Memorial logo:

It was sobering to see the pools and the names of all the people who died on that tragic day. The museum isn't open yet, but there is a visitor's center with a film, photos, and displays of possessions found in the rubble.

Afterward we walked over to Trinity Church—here's Rob in front of Alexander Hamilton's grave.

Right in front of the church are the remains of the Occupy Wall Street protest. I made Rob stand here for a photo to try to catch them in the background. Let's just say we weren't really impressed with the caliber of the people camped out there. :)

We didn't do all we wanted to do here, even though we pretty much filled every minute. Guess that means we'll have to go back. :)

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