Monday, February 17, 2014

M-m-m-myyyyy Girona

Posted June 18, 2014. Title thanks to The Knack, and whoever started singing the altered version during our drive. :)

I'm going back to backdating all posts to the date they happened rather than the date we got around to blogging about it, because I really want to record our recent adventures, but still keep things chronological. Kind of OCD that way.

One of the reasons for picking Fitou as our base in Southern France was the proximity to Spain, where I served my mission. On Monday, February 17th, we drove 90 minutes to Girona and spent the day. 

The border crossing has an official sign recognizing entry into Spain:

But then it is immediately clear that you are actually visiting Catalunya. All the signs are dual language, but the one you hear spoken the most seems to be Catalan.

And the Catalunyan flag is everywhere.

It was a gorgeous day, and such a beautiful city.

Plenty of opportunity to sport the cool shades.

I did make them take them off for at least one photo.

On a bridge by Gustave Eiffel.

Paris hasn't cornered the market on love the kids were mortified to discover my true love, Wilfrido. :)

In the Platha de Independenthia with Wilfredo's usurper:

We made it back to Perpignan in time to take the missionaries to dinner. We found a good Italian restaurant and treated Elders Cueva and Hilburn and Sisters Packard and Jackson. It was great to get to know them during our month here.

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