Saturday, February 8, 2014


Posted June 21, 2014.

Fitou is a very small village (fewer than 1000), situated almost exactly in between Perpignan (to the west, population about 117,000) and Narbonne (to the east, population about 47,000). Narbonne is interesting because it dates to Roman times, when it was a port city. In the middle ages, a huge Gothic cathedral was started, but never finished, since the topography changed, moving Narbonne inland. Also because they would have had to knock down the city walls in order to fit the rest of the cathedral, but they still needed the walls defensively. Or maybe they just ran out of money. For whatever reason, it makes for a cool half-cathedral. 

We climbed the keep in the Archbishop's Palace for some spectacular views of the cathedral and city.

The canal in the town center made it very scenic.

Fun day. Feeling grateful to have so many cool places to see and explore here.

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