Friday, January 1, 2016

2016—The Year to Bring Back the Blogging Habit?

Ainsley is probably the only person who is still interested in this blog, and she has begged me to start again, "but not only when we travel, just all the daily stuff." She reminded me that I'd better do a post to start the year off right. When I asked her what I should blog about, she told me to blog about the party we went to tonight. I told her that I forgot to take pictures, and she said that was okay, I could just write a paragraph. 

Rob's aunt Ginny and uncle Bill have a New Year's Day party every year and serve sauerkraut, which is supposed to bring good luck for the new year. The girls were skeptical of the sauerkraut (until they tried it and liked it) but it also happens to be one of two days a year that Ginny makes her famous rainbow jello, and since we were gone for Christmas, we missed the other day. Ainsley started doing a happy dance when Ginny offered to send the leftover jello home with her. She's not at all possessive about it either, as you can see. Anyway, it was great company and great food, and a nice start to 2016.

P.S. I always get a little over-ambitious in January, so in that spirit, I'm attempting to blog one current post, and one "make-up" post. I picked a pretty lame easy one today: see here.


Unknown said...

I have missed your blog and am sooooo glad you are starting back up! I my not always comment but I love to stay in touch with your updates.

Rachelle said...

I TOO love your blog! Way to go! I am taking a smaller step this year and posting one pic a day on a private instagram account with plans to put it in one 366 page chat book at the end of the year. So far I'm liking it. It's forcing me to take pics I normally wouldn't and share small details I'll someday want to remember! The blog...hoping for one post a week AND to catch up on England and several other LONG posts. Those are the killer ones!! xo