Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

I must confess that I did NOT take a shorter shower today to cut down on my water use (and I don't have any plans to change this habit). However, I came up with the brilliant idea of planting a tree with the scouts today. I guess that as the three burly men with the forklift were loading it into the suburban I should have realized that the two nine-year-olds and I would not be able to get it out, let alone into the ground. Luckily Cara married a stud, who pretty much single-handedly planted the tree while I told the scouts to watch and learn. Rob, we're so grateful that we've named our first-born Robert. And thanks for the extra rock-moving muscle, Dad. I have the best family.

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chlojo said...

The tree looks good!

Your trip looks like it was one to remember, in a good way. I love that your parents went with you! They are such fun grandparents! I too love your family.