Thursday, June 5, 2008

Test smarts

I had to laugh when Joey brought this picture home last week:
Today we went to the awards ceremony at our elementary school to see Robbie get an award for being in the top ten percent nationally on his IOWA tests. We are so proud of you, Robbie!

And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank photo scrooge for genetically enabling my kids with smarts.


Marsh Mayhem said...

PhotoScrooge my be a carrier... but that gene passed him over. I'm in the same boat. I see how smart Ralph is and wonder why I couldn't get that genetic gift instead of his hayfever.


The Photo Scrooge? said...

Umm, Matt, I didn't get the hay fever. But then those who are only carriers can't be expected to easily identify those of us who got first dibs on the more desirable genes.

rjm said...

Stop complaining about your genes--both of you--and use what you have inherited to improve your environment, e.g., by eliminating sarcasm and sibling rivalry.