Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dinner options

It's not like we never exercise the cereal option when Photo Scrooge is home, it's just that when he's gone I don't even feel guilty about it. I even tended Mikey today, so I could have ordered yummy Hagermann's sandwiches, but I figured that three out of four kids would just as soon eat cereal, and Robbie opted for leftover Café Rio burrito. Just keeping it real so Rob doesn't miss us too much.


Swimmingmom said...

That's awesome! Funny how when our husbands are away, it just doesn't seem necessary to make an actual dinner. I remember you and Char would always eat cereal for just about any meal!

chlojo said...

It's nice to see someone else has a huge cereal stash at their house too. I could really go for a bowl of Life right now...maybe I will.

Melissa said...

cereal is always a good meal.