Monday, August 3, 2009

Hike to Donut Falls

Today while I was dropping Joey and Will off after drama camp Becca mentioned that they were planning on hiking for Family Night, and we ended up tagging along at the last minute. It was a short, easy hike, but somehow the girls still ended up riding part of the way.
Not so many wildflowers on this hike, but the water was pretty.
And the company was great—we love the Breinholts.
A big bonus for me is the chance to take photos of the kids without too much of a fight.
This is at the top, but the Falls were out of my viewfinder.
There they are (the lower falls, anyway).
So who wants to go hiking with us next week?


Melissa said...

The most ironic thing about that post is that you send Joey to drama camp. I think he has that down. I guess we have been told to develop our talents. ;-)


Amanda Morgan said...

We are always up for a hike (not to mention an FHE planned more than 1 hour in advance)! Thanks again for taking the boys today! Please send the girls over soon!

Julie said...

Of course - you know we're always up for one . . . OR, when all the kids are in school, we'll sneak away and hike Lake Blanche w/o any little voices complaining that it's too hard!

Hey - wildflowers are still around way up - take the kids to Lake Mary - the flowers were amazing last weekend :-).