Thursday, March 17, 2011

Most holidays = sugar overload

It's already been well-documented here that I'm barely competent as a mom, so it's no surprise that I let my kids consume nutritionally-devoid Lucky Charms and chocolate coins on St. Patrick's Day. I need to work on some non-food holiday traditions...


Natalia said...

This picture is awesome! Nice work. Seriously. I'm impressed.

Also, I miss you. Do you have Skype? We should probably chat soon.

MKS said...

i agree with you. most of our traditions have to do with food. but at least its easy to decide what to eat when holidays are around. i love this picture!

davenportreport said...

I've decided it's not worth losing sleep over it. We can't control half the sugar they get anyway, so why not make the holiday fun. We also had Lucky Charms, if it makes you feel better.


(I just started reading your blog. You impress me with how often you post. Book group soon?)