Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rob's Really Cold Ride

Luckily Melissa posted details of the 1st Annual Team Firestorm Bike Ride on her blog, since I wasn't there to take photos or retell the adventure. Firestorm is a team that was formed to support Rob's friend and fellow-cyclist, Ben Jacobsen, in his fight against cancer. Ben passed away last fall (you can read his last blog post here, but make sure you have a kleenex). Ben was an amazing person, so I guess it's no surprise that almost a hundred people were riding Emigration Canyon in his honor on Saturday, in spite of the freezing temperatures, snow and ice. Ben's widow, Allison, hosted a Pizza and Pasta party at her house the night before, and had food and drinks (including hot chocolate) at the start/finish line too. She is also amazing.

I asked Rob to pose for a photo when he got home, but had forgotten to change my camera settings from the ones I used at night, so my photo was completely overexposed by the bright snow. When I tried to tone down the highlights in iPhoto, I decided this had an Andy Warhol quality to it, so I'm posting it anyway.

I did eventually get the settings right.

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