Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Ainsley

Again, starting with my favorite photo of the day.

After the surprise party the actual birthday may have been a little anti-climatic, especially since it was on a school day. But Ainsley is a master at living in the moment, and she was even thrilled that she had school, so she could take a treat for her class. We usually let the kids pick a special breakfast and dinner on their birthday, and all the kids woke up early in anticipation of Ainsley's breakfast choice, Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms. No photos because they were all done eating by the time I got back from my walk.

We picked up my Grandma and went to Costco to get Ainsley's school treat (baby carrots—healthy at the request of her teacher, and fruit roll-ups—less healthy at Ainsley's request). Then we ate lunch at "the place with the chocolate-covered strawberries" (Zupa's), again Ainsley's choice. While she was at school I finished shopping for her presents.

For dinner she picked crepes (three times in the past month, it's a good thing I found that low-carb version!). Then it was present time.

She got a watch, a pee wee pillow pet, a Webkinz dog, a purse, fingernail polish, a Tangled barbie, and some books. She was delighted and appreciative and fun to watch.

At six, Ainsley:
  • loves the color turquoise
  • is getting really tall, and can wear some of Ellie's clothes!
  • loves to do headstands and is often upside-down
  • is known as "Dad's barnacle" since she cuddles up on his lap every morning to watch the news
  • knows more about current events than her mom (see above)
  • is still a human GPS
  • is great at sharing
  • says she wants her own room, but still comes in to sleep on our floor some nights
  • could outlast the Energizer Bunny
  • loves to help
  • is a chatterbox
  • is a joy
We love you Ainsley!

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