Monday, January 20, 2014

Pouring in Pompeii

Posted January 30, 2014.

Our first guest post, by Ellie! She'll tell you all about our road trip to Pompeii, on Monday, January 20, 2014.

Well, here I am. We started our day with breakfast. It turns out our hotel serves a heavenly breakfast and we've been chowing down on it. Joey, Ainsley, and I all think it is the best thing about our hotel because (and I mean literally) the stuff must've been sent directly from heaven.

 As you can see in the picture above I wanted to marry my breakfast but it disappeared before we ever made our vows. I hate to think about what we'll do about breakfast without this place.

Anyway, here is where the story begins. We're taking our rental car, The Beast, for a little spin.

And we have lots of pictures of how the car ride started 
(because we can't seem to pry the camera out of my mom's hands). 

And now we head to Pompeii in a car ride that was like, everlasting. 
Although I have to say after hours (about 3) a miracle happened! We had arrived at last.

The first place we entered was the stadium. This picture makes it look rather rainy, 
but at first we were fine. This is where the bad people were killed. They had lions 
that were caged that they unleashed and sometimes it was just person vs. person.

 And surprisingly... here's another picture of us in the stadium! In this picture though
we were aware that our picture was being taken.

 This is the outside of the stadium, and that's when it started drizzling (and frankly I think we should've just taken it that mother nature didn't want us here because it got a whole lot worse).

 And here are our funny faces. Oh! If you didn't notice, Joey or as he calls himself,
"Cool Guy Joey," is being ridiculously sure that his sun glasses are always on, and
Ainsley is trying to be quite a poser. I guess everybody is a nerd in some way.

Here is Robbie, he climbed those stones sticking out of the wall so he could see what 
was on top of the wall and probably to see over it too. I know because I asked him. 

 Here we have to the left side (behind the grave houses or something let's just call 'em buildings)
the gardens and I apologize that you can't see them. 

 There are the roads. they are formed in hills so the rain goes down and they had
stepping stones so that when you cross the streets you don't get your feet wet.
They also had really high sidewalks and that would also help.

 This is basically what a house looks like for them. No bathroom and
most of them don't even have a kitchen. The poor fellows.

 And here are me and Ainsley. Ainsley is doing her normal pose where her hip is turned
and her head is facing you. She also has that passionate look. Nerdy and cheesy.

 This looks like a house with the slightest of a backyard. Imagine us kids being
trapped in a house so small with no backyard. I can't. The idea is too sad.

 Another picture in front of the house. How did they avoid stepping in the huge puddle? No clue. 

 This is a house. Lots of things were locked which was a disappointment.

 Robbie is hanging out of the window of a house with a big courtyard.

Here's a picture of some of the gates they have that guard the doorways.

 "What is this?" I hear you ask. It's a cast of somebody when the volcano erupted. He or she looks like they are suffocating from toxic gases. With that pleasant thought in mind, lets move on.

In this picture my family is walking past another locked building. 
Seriously are we not allowed to see things?!

 Now here are the stepping stones I was telling you about. And in the situation we were in we figured out they were very helpful. We were still bone soaked though. I have NEVER been more wet.

Here's Ainsley posing again.

In this picture you can see how ruined Pompeii became after the eruption.

Here are Mom and Dad standing in front of the Temple of Jupiter.

Looks like cool guy Joey just transformed into nerd guy Joey!

Sorry, but I'm blocking Joey (not that anybody cares).

 Here's a picture of mom taking a picture of me. 

 Here's a picture of me taken by mom who I was taking a picture of at the same moment.
So this picture and the picture above were both taken at the same time.

Trying to find our way out of this place. Pompeii is a maze.

And here's Ainsley posing again with nerd guy Joey in the background.

We're lost. Trying to find a way out!

 Oh and here's my family. You may not be able to tell in the picture but we were:
freezing, soaked to the bone, hungry, etc.

 Hey look the 2 nerds decided to give it a break!!!!

 All's well that ends well (if it ended well...).

 My hands were frozen and at the restaurant when we ordered he was warming up my hands. He had REALLY warm hands but maybe it's just because I'd been FREEZING!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our REALLY fun time in Pompeii. 
And truly I wrote this ALL by myself.  
Yours truly, and most sincerely,
Ellie Marsh


Trisha said...

Michelle I enjoy our blog, but I have to say your daughter has a way with words. I love her descriptions of her siblings! She is HILARIOUS!! She brought a lot of life to each of those pictures! Please encourage her to share her thoughts and wonderful descriptions all that your adventure has to offer!

Thank you for sharing your travels through Europe with all of us! This is something your kids will treasure the rest of their lives!

BIG hugs!! Love you! Trisha

Amanda Morgan said...

THAT was amazing. Ellie, you have a gift. Will you please chronicle my family's life for me, please? I'm convinced it will be much more charming in your writing style! Always fun to see you guys!

Angel said...

Thank you Ellie!! You did a fantastic job. Matia, Skye, and I are loving your family blog. We miss you!

CarolLynn said...

Ellie...I LOVED THIS!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences! OXOXO

Dee said...


Fantastic. I was laughing out loud. Loved your comments and your insights. I was amazed that you let that gentleman "warm" your hands. Delightful. Keep it up, young, talented woman.

Susan J said...

Enjoyed reading about your adventures.

Natalie Allen said...

Ellie! What the heck?! Where have you been all of my life. I'm having my people call your people.