Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last Day in Rome

Posted February 15, 2014.

This Blog post is being written by Joey, Your favorite Marsh kid! 

Here we are after we saw the Borghese Gallery. 
They didn't allow you to take pictures inside, so the following photos were all downloaded online.

This is a painting by some guy that I can't remember the name of. He painted his own face as Goliath's head and gave to the pope because he was sorry for his crimes.

Bernini's David

This is one of my favorite statues by Bernini. It Is amazing how real it looks!

This right here is living proof that unicorns are real, I so called it! 
The unicorn was found under a second layer of paint, which can only mean that they were trying to hide the fact that unicorns are real!

In this one my dad and I are talking... I thought that was pretty obvious but apparently not.

Here is a picture of the crypt we visited. Everything in the crypt is made of bones!

This was after we saw the Capuchin monks, or as Ellie calls them Cappuccino monks. 
Again, no pictures allowed, so the one above came from the internet.

Waiting for lunch...

Delicious pizza!

First bus ride in Europe!

Nothing to see here.

Or here.

Or here.

In this photo you get to see the most important person on this trip, with a statue behind him. 
Ya you got that right, I'm at the Vatican.

Me and some other kid. 

Very cool mosaics!

Vatican with ma peeps.

St. Peters Basilica

Cool altar, cool people.

Two lovebirds


Well that's all for today folks,

Cool Guy Joey

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cathy riley said...

What an adventure! Miss you guys!