Friday, January 31, 2014

Loving Lake Como and Cantu

Posted March 18, 2014.

Drumroll... because Ellie Marsh is at it again. Okay, here I am!!!!!! 
I know you're excited but, you don't have to keep clapping.

We finally reached Cantu after another one of those long car rides, and here we are at dinner with Mom's old friends. Starting in the front I will name the people I know: Ainsley, Me, Pino, Carla, Michelle, and though I may not know those two in the back well enough to know their names (yes, don't judge me) I do know they are the parents of Filippo (see below). Everyone was very nice. Pino took us all to dinner at this restaurant, and was letting us stay in his apartment which was very nice of him. Carla bought us a bunch of groceries, including a bunch of treats, like Smores puffed marshmallows, Kinder Maxis, and one of our favorite Italian foods...NUTELLA!

(Note from the editor, Michelle: we arrived the evening of Tuesday, January 28th. Pino was the assistant coach in Cantu when I was a nanny for the Mannions back in 1990. He is now the top basketball coach in Europe! Carla is his girlfriend of 10+ years, and we loved her immediately. Sergio is Pino's brother, another friend of mine, and we loved meeting his wife Loredena and their son, Filippo.)

And at the kids side of the table: Ellie, Ainsley, Filippo, Joey and Robbie.

And here we all are except for Robbie who at the time was taking the photo. And last but not least: SCORE- 1 for the adults because I'm happy!

Here we are enjoying the beautiful day in Lake Como. P.S. Don't look directly at my face I was car-sick.

(Another editor's note: This was Thursday, January 30th...on Wednesday, January 29th we spent the morning catching up on homework, and the afternoon visiting my friend Alex, but we forgot to take a photo.)

Another strained smile...

And this one is almost willing.

So is this one.

After the long car ride we all deserved a break and ate at this surprisingly good place I don't remember the name of.

And here we are at an amazing cathedral in Milan. Why they named it after a disney princess...well, don't ask me, I don't know.

I do realize fairly often that in Italy we always were caught with umbrellas, I'm curious who crossed with Mother Nature.

The girls in front of the mall.

In front of the mall are: Ellie, Ainsley, and the girly guys.

Take a look inside.

And take a million photos.

And here's me being just so cute.

And Ainsley too (she looks like a grape I'll just have to call her Grape Girl!).

Sometimes I wish there were seats on the metro but there never are, isn't it weird!!!!

Back in Cantu for now. This my Mom's friend Alex. He is really nice. we talked for almost two hours with him and he bought us pastries and coke! He was really, really, really, REALLY  nice!!!! Like everybody else!

(We stopped by just for a photo, since I'd forgotten to take one the day before. The boys were tired after the day at Lake Como and Milan, so they missed out on the photo, even though they were there for our visit the day before.)

Another photo but I doubt that surprises you anymore.

There always needs to be a photo of everyone so we had to take a selfie.

Last day in Cantu and we had a good dinner to look forward to. (If Carla and Pino ever invite you to dinner say yes!!!!!)

And Carla with me and Ainsley... I'm never going to forget her!!!! She's way too nice!! And, she is a writer! She works at a newspaper, but has also written books! When I told her I wanted to be a writer when I grow up, she gave me a copy of her book, and even said I could write an article for her newspaper!! I haven't done it yet though...maybe if my parents would quit making me do homework (hint, hint)!

Next to me are Carla's sister's daughters they are learning English.

Here's the one of everybody...

And another photo, I don't think my Mom can help herself.

We loved meeting Pino and Carla, I even said they were like a long-lost aunt and uncle! We will miss them!!

The next day we stopped at the basketball arena to say goodbye to Pino and give him the keys to his apartment and some gifts to Pino and Carla to thank them. After all, who knows when we'll see them again! :(

(Friday, January 31st)

And finally another good-bye. I've learned how hard good-byes are but I try not to think about it. We'll never forget you guys (Pino and Carla and Alex and so on and so forth...)

With much love,
Ellie Marsh

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