Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lytham St. Anne and Wigan

Posted June 18, 2015

Playing "on this day last year" again. It was a good day. We drove to the coast, Lytham St. Anne and Wigan. 

The kids loved the playgrounds.

And of course the beach.

This is some sort of inlet, so no tidal waves, just miles of super shallow water. Looked a lot like walking on water. :)

It was windy and Joey's hair was at its puffiest.

Handsome. These are his colors.

Messy hair, don't care.

Rob and I thought it would be hilarious to buy ice cream cones for ourselves while the kids played. It was pretty funny when they saw us eating them. Of course we caved and they got one too.

This is as close to Blackpool as we got, no interest in the Vegas (or maybe Jersey Shore?) of England.

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