Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ruins Near York

Posted June 26, 2014.

After stopping at Tintern Abbey and loving it, we took a day trip to visit another ruined abbey, Rievaulx. The drive there was worth it alone, through some super-scenic villages—it reminded us of the Cotswolds, but without the tourists. The abbey didn't disappoint either, it's huge, and surrounded by beautiful countryside. I took an obscene number of photos. I didn't post them all, but this post is still probably one where only the most dedicated grandparents will make it to the end.

It was a day of photo-bombing.

And the kids have discovered that a ruined abbey is the ultimate location for a game of hide-and-seek tag.

Can you spot Ellie in this one?

Probably not fair to have the youngest as the seeker.

Rob in a happy place.

There were a couple of other English Heritage sites nearby, so we stopped at those too. Here's our next stop at Helmsley Castle, also a ruin.

Joey, Ellie and Ainsley planned this little film and recruited me as cinematographer. Silly kids.

We stopped in the beautiful village of Helmsley as well. There were flowers everywhere, and incredible stone buildings.

We ate Joey's favorite, fish and chips.

And our final stop was a smaller abbey, Byland Abbey, where I didn't get many photos because the kids took off immediately for another game of hide-and-seek tag. I sat on a bench and enjoyed the peace and quiet, and a chat with the only two other tourists we saw there, a couple of retired men from Bristol. Wonderful day.

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