Monday, December 28, 2015

Houston Space Center

We were excited to check out Johnson Space Center on our only full day in Houston. Unfortunately, so were thousands of other people. In spite of the crowds, it was pretty cool. We only took one of the four available tram tours because even though we mocked the local news for their "winter conditions" alert, we actually were totally unprepared for the cold wind as we left the museum and went to mission control. We saw the historic version, a re-creation of the room that supported the Apollo missions, including the famous Apollo 11 landing on the moon. The other available tours were to the current mission control room, the astronaut training center, and the swimming pool training facility (which is only open once a year, over Christmas break). But between the cold and the super long lines, we opted to check out other parts of the space center.

Re-staged mission control from the 1960's.

Rocket park is at the end of the tram tour.
Joey and the "Little Joe".

Photo fail...Ainsley needs to grow a few inches.

This looks deceptively small, it is actually a giant rocket, the Saturn V, over 36 stories tall.

The kids all loved the lunar rover simulators.
Everyone got a cool NASA t-shirt souvenir. We had planned on meeting Claudia and her family for dinner, but Ellie started feeling sick just as we were ready to leave and had to stay within bathroom distance. :( Less than optimal for the plane ride home.

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