Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Our first port was Cozumel. I had originally booked the tour to Chichen Itza through the cruise, but changed it after realizing the travel time there and back would be most of our day. Instead, I booked a tour to Tulum with Alma's LDS Tours after several people recommended them. It was a good thing we switched...we ended up getting there a couple of hours later than expected, and the ship's tours were cancelled. Luckily we caught the ferry from Cozumel to Playa Del Carmen just as it was leaving.

We were all soaked in a quick downpour right after we disembarked, but no rain the rest of the afternoon.

Tulum overlooks some beautiful blue water.

One bonus of having a guide is that we had someone to take family photos.

So bright that every photo has someone with closed eyes.

Our guide, Alex, telling us about the descending God image on the fertility Goddess's Temple.

The Castillo in the background.

A white-sand Christmas.

It was warm. We had to remind ourselves not to complain about the heat, since that was exactly what we'd hoped for. Probably only in the 80's, but the humidity! At the end of our tour, we were provided with the authentic Mexican lunch of Subway sandwiches and returned to Playa Del Carmen to catch the ferry so we wouldn't miss the ship's sail time.

It turns out we didn't need to rush. There was one passenger who didn't make it back on time, and "in the spirit of Christmas" the captain waited for him almost two hours. Still, glad we didn't have that stress. A fun day!

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