Monday, July 28, 2008

How to Ruin Your Husband's 40th Birthday

Yes, today Photo Scrooge turned forty. I know, when you look at the picture on his blog, you'd think he could easily pass for eighty, but no, he's just a young one. And here's how I'm ruining this important milestone:

I actually tried to make his day. I called the Apple store this morning at 8:10, only to get the recording for store hours (open at 10 a.m.)...then I called back at 9:59 and asked if there was any way to get my hands on this today. I was told that there were only about twenty people in line so far, so my chances were good. After picking the kids up from swimming and dropping them off at Melissa's, I rushed down to Gateway. I was relieved to hear the employee out front telling the guys in front of me that they would have a phone in their hands by 6 p.m. Then he said "but I'm out of black 16's." He gave the last ticket for one to the person just ahead of me. And I don't see Photo Scrooge using a white phone. So you see, five minutes really can make a difference. Because other than this failure, Rob's day is a perfectly orchestrated birthday dream come true. Yep, up at 5:15 to work out, then to work, then straight to a swim meet for the kids. His only regret is that we'll probably be home too late for him to mow the lawn. :)

On the bright side, he apparently did like this gift, which I made him open last night, because I knew our schedule would be so crazy today:

It's a book made on—haiku written by family and friends then matched up with photos by me. If you want to read the haiku, just click on the slideshow and you can see it enlarged. Thanks to all of you who weren't intimidated by the idea of writing a poem!! And thanks again Katie, for the great idea!  (BTW Rob, there are actually a couple of extras here, that I somehow missed when publishing.)

I'm putting another slideshow, with one photo per year, on the sidebar. Because I'm all about ruining perfectly good birthdays.



Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday to Rob! WOW 4-0!
Love the book idea, super cute! Did you like the blurb process and quality? I know some friends that have "slurped" their blog to them for printing. By the way, my cupcakes were digital for Katelyn and Megan's b-day.

Mandy said...

The book looks fantastic! You're an amazing wife!