Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photo Scrooge won't like this...

I can't believe this was taken almost four weeks ago! The summer has been flying by. Here the short version (that seems long because of the photos):

The kids think Bear Lake is the greatest place on earth, and I have to agree. We love spending time with our extended family there. Thanks again, Ralph and Judy!

Here's a more complete cousins photo at the Smolka's on the 4th—check out cute Clara:

If the Marshes weren't already sick of us after a week at Bear Lake, plus a picnic, swimming & BBQ on the 4th, they had another chance at the family reunion in Alpine on the 5th. It was fun, and I think I could live in Alpine... 

We celebrate all Riley birthdays on the second Sunday of the month, so Rob and Robbie got to celebrate early:

We took the boys to see Kung Fu Panda on the 3rd (four thumbs up), and Robbie was excited to get the game for the Wii.

We were able to go and see Ralph set apart as a sealer in the Salt Lake Temple on the 15th. It was great to meet President Uchtdorf, although Rob called him Elder Uchtdorf, so now he figures he'll be consigned to years of service as a nursery leader. Everyone laughed at me for bringing my camera, so if they want copies of the photos there will be a charge. :)

Not pictured here (You and Photo Scrooge can breathe a collective sigh of relief here) is lots of swimming, Webelos Camp, weeding, soccer, remodeling, weeding, piano, and The Police concert. Did I mention the weeding? The remodeling is going to be covered in another post, possibly on the next holiday, when I have time to blog again.  

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RLRP said...

Fun update! And you know, I think it's best for everyone if we keep Rob away from the nursery kids, don't you think?