Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick photo update

As the general contractor of our remodel, I haven't had much time to document the whole process—maybe a few weeks from now, when everything is done and I've cooked a few fabulous meals so that photo scrooge feels like this was all worth it, I'll have time to do a recap. In the meantime, we now have hardwood floors:
and a front door:
a pantry, which I'm very excited about:
shelves in the new den, which photo scrooge is very excited about:
plus doors for said den, so he can shut the rest of us out: 
Tomorrow we'll have a railing and the cabinets will be delivered!

We should be cooking within two weeks, which leads to the all important question in debate around here: what to make first? Cast your vote in the sidebar poll, or leave a comment. 


The Simmons Story said...

Did I mention I hate you? You will be DONE in a few weeks and I still need a back splash!

chlojo said...

Wow, looks good! I call dibs on a brownie!

Mandy said...

That looks awesome! Once again, you have great taste! I can't believe how quickly a remodel goes when it's not at my house! By the way, sad that I'm so busy?/lazy? that I end up communicating through blog~

RLRP said...

Hey hey hey...coming along! It's really looking great, you guys.

Trisha said...

I'm so excited for you!! The pantry is my favorite!! The shelves are big and DEEP-outstanding!! Please post your new cupboards and the finished product! I be you are all SO excited for it to be finished!! It looks great-let me know what you decide to cook for your first meal!