Monday, January 24, 2011

FHE Guests

After homework, scouts and dinner, we generally have a hard time fitting in anything more than a quick lesson, treat and game for family home evening. Tonight was an exception. Stan Tanner, a retired doctor in our ward, and one of the nicest guys ever, offered to show us his 1st edition Book of Mormon. So we invited him to join us for dinner and family night—we had the Healeys over too, since they're book nerds like us. :)

Stan also brought a DVD of his great-great-great? grandfather, John Tanner, which was really well done, and such an inspiring story.

The top book is a British Isles 4th edition, and the one on the bottom is the 1st edition. It's probably worth around $80K, and should be handled with gloves in a sterile environment, but Stan has it to show, and we got to hold and read it. It was very cool.