Monday, January 3, 2011

Game on

After our BrainLinking evaluation we stayed for an hour or so and were introduced to lots of new educational games. We ended up with a long wish list, and luckily Santa helped us out with that. So I'm sharing our discoveries.

Here's yesterday's daily photo, Rob and Robbie in a Gobblet tournament. This is one of our favorites. It's sort of tic-tac-toe on steroids—you have to get four in a row of your color, but you have to remember what smaller cups might be hiding underneath. Links below if you want to check it out.

And today's photo, playing Spot it! for family home evening. It promotes quick visual processing—there are a bunch of different object on each card, and you have to spot a matching object on your card to add it to the pile. It's fast-moving and harder than it sounds. Nice to find a game that the whole family can play.

Perplexus Robbie and Joey love this crazy maze within a ball.

Quarto Classic Wooden Board Game This is another cool strategy game. One twist is that you have to give the opposing player the piece they'll play.

Gobblet Covered this above. Fun.

Chocolate Fix Aside from the appealing name, this is an addictive logic game. It comes with puzzles at various levels, so there are some that Ainsley can figure out, and some that challenge an adult.

Word On The Street Fun game for two teams. You have to think (quickly, there's a timer) of a word that would use the most letters within various categories.

7 ATE 9 Good for basic math skills.

Super Circles Another one for visual quickness.

Spot It You can see what I was talking about above.

My Word! Making words out of letters—good for Boggle/Scrabble fans.

ThinkFun Rush Hour We actually didn't get this one, but it's on our wish list.

SET Game This one we already had. There are several ways to play this, all fun. Pat Rosenbury, the BrainLinking expert, said if she could pick one game to put in every household, this would be it.

I'd love to know your favorite games!


Amy said...

I've never heard of any of these games except Rush Hour. We have that game and Rush Hour Jr. It's a little young for Henry (4) yet, but Ethan (almost 7)has loved those games for quite some time. He's even able to solve some of the more challenging puzzles. It's totally worth getting, and it's a good travel game as well.

My kids are just entering the phase of being able to play more grown-up games with us and I'm ecstatic about it. I love, love to play games. Tried to teach them Pit yesterday. It was completely lost on Henry.

I'm going to remember some of your recommendations!

Rachelle said...

Just got caught up on your last few posts. Love the snow-shoeing pics, what a fun winter activity! Love the Marsh family pics and your colors are great! Love how you organized your resolutions. Last year I did 35 goals to accomplish. They were super specific which works best for me and I got probably 80 percent, but still thinking about 2011's.

Love the list of games! I need a new house (for several reasons), including the fact that I don't have room for all the games I want. Do you guys have Ligretto and Carcassone? Have a great day!!