Monday, January 10, 2011

Least favorite day in my least favorite month

I'm with Melissa when it comes to January. And Mondays are no fun either—usually I spend the day trying (but failing) to catch up on laundry and doing clutter control. Nothing photo-worthy. Instead, here's one of the New Yorker cartoons Rob put on my bulletin board recently. I love his sense of humor.


Swimmingmom said...

Yesterday,Monday,was supposed to be my catch up day. I had hoped to combat the huge laundry piles, but alas. Only one load completed. There's always next Monday :-)

Melissa said...

That was good - made me laugh. Yep, in general I don't enjoy Mondays. Jonas was just saying the other day how he hated Mondays, too. He thought since no one really liked them we should get rid of them. If only I knew how to do that without just having Tuesday become the new Monday. I think there would have to be a maid involved for it to work.