Sunday, January 9, 2011

We Have Contact

Ainsley has been terrified of dogs for a while now, in spite of the fact that we owned the gentlest dog on the planet. So this is a major success. She's holding Chris and Christine's new puppy, Molly, who is pretty much the cutest thing ever. We may have found our next dog breed. Unless Rob is too embarrassed to tell people that he owns a Yorkie-Poo.


Melissa said...

Maybe I'll have to introduce Megan to this dog. Honestly, her fear is ridiculous.

Swimmingmom said...

Oh, that IS the cutest dog ever!!!! Since I'm allergic,there's no chance of my having a dog,but if I could, I'd get one like the, a cockerspanial, or my all time favorite: old english sheep dog

Julie said...

Oh, my gosh - what a cute dog - and tell Rob he's a MAN if he agrees to a "yorkie poo" . . . unfortunately, Chris would never allow it ;-). Hopefully Ainsley will come over and play with Lucy - she knows lots of tricks now and she is so much fun!