Thursday, April 28, 2011

Divide and Conquer

The activity overload of May has started to creep into April, and we found ourselves with two kid events tonight. Joey's Raingutter Regatta, and Ainsley's preschool "Spring Sing." On top of that, it was the swim team pizza party, and none of the kids wanted to miss that. At least dinner was covered. So Rob met me in the parking lot at the pool, took Robbie home to work on homework, and Joey to the church for scouts. The flip-flops are a really nice touch in the flag ceremony.

However, Ainsley really wanted Rob to come to her program, since they were drawing a couple of dad's names out of a hat to sing to during one song. Luckily my dad was willing to come cheer on Joey, and even took photos for me.

Meanwhile, I took Ellie with me to Ainsley's program, and it was delightful.

Ainsley is a born performer. Here's a sample, although I was running out of memory space, so I turned off the HD, and it's not high quality. Ainsley is in the back row, 2nd/3rd from the right.

She had a great time.

She was excited to have her Grandma and Great-grandma in the audience too.

We're lucky to live so close to family, and have grandparents who are involved in our lives.

We all made it back to Joey's scout meeting in time for the last few races, treats and awards. Joey won a ribbon for "Most Stickers Used"—you can see most of them on his sail in the photo above. He also had the third fastest boat of the Webelos, although I think those races hinge more on breathing technique than ship construction. Here he is with his half-eaten 3rd-place cookie.

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