Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break in St. George

After a day of unpacking, laundry and repacking, I loaded up all the kids and headed to St. George for the remainder of Spring Break. Luckily we overlapped with the Stringhams, and the kids were excited to play with their cousins.

We were all excited about the warmth and sunshine.

Well, except maybe the boys, who were more interested in playing the Wii.

We had pizza for dinner TWICE, because it was a break for me too.

And, I finally convinced the boys that dodgeball was even more fun in real life than on the Wii.

Rob drove down on Friday night, and on Saturday morning the kids were happy to discover that the Easter Bunny found us as well.

We also had an Egg Hunt in the afternoon.

And at the last minute, Rob's Uncle Grant called to invite us to go swimming. Luckily the kids all got new swimsuits in their baskets.

We had a good time talking to Grant, Wendy and Julie while the kids swam and played water football.

We picked up dinner on our way out of town and arrived home around 10:00 p.m.

Four days was not long enough, but it was a nice preview of summer days coming soon!

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