Sunday, April 10, 2011


That's an appropriate name for our girl's weekend at St. George. I mean, it was a fun weekend with Melissa and Judy (and Ralph) and no kids. We enjoyed the warm weather, eating out, general conference and several chick flicks. But our real reason for going was a massive dose of guilt. Here's the deal. When Robbie was born I started scrapbooking, and finished up his baby book well before Joey was born. I had Joey's one-year book completed before Ellie was born. I only completed about half of Ellie's book before I had Ainsley, and in the five years since then, I haven't done a single page. After reading Council of Dads, I decided this would be one of my biggest regrets if anything happened to me. And after reading The Happiness Project, I decided to tackle something I'd been procrastinating. I knew it'd never happen at home, where there is always another load of dishes or laundry to be done before I could even begin, so the plan for a weekend away was hatched. We're lucky to have such supportive husbands, and welcoming parents/in-laws!

I always wonder, as I'm doing the ten million things that have to be done in order to leave town, if it's even worth it. But this trip was, if only to see Ainsley's smile as she looked through the beginning of her book.

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