Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robbie's Trip

About a year ago, we decided it would be a fun and memorable tradition to take each of our kids on a trip with just mom and dad when they turn 12. We'd let them pick the destination (within reason) and give them our undivided attention for a week. We were excited when Robbie picked Washington D.C. Again, it was a major effort to get everything arranged, but it was a great trip. I'm breaking it up by day, and backdating, because it's just too overwhelming to blog all at once.

Day One: We dropped the kids off at school and were at the airport by 9:00 a.m. We had a direct flight, but with the time difference, arrived just before 5:00 p.m. We had a nice tour of the parking lots before catching the right shuttle to car rentals. :) Oh well, at least I got this photo of Robbie in front of the old, rat-pack era terminal. (Rob and Robbie were both rolling their eyes at me every time I pulled out my camera by the end of the trip, but on the first day I hadn't hit my stride, and only took one picture.)

We finally got on the road, headed for Gettysburg for the night. Of course we were starving, since we opted to skip the small, overpriced sandwiches they were serving on the airplane. So we stopped at a Chevy's in Gaithersburg, Maryland on our way. We waited almost an hour for our food before we finally left in frustration and went to Subway. Worst service ever.

Although Rob will tell you that I was dozing for most of the two-hour drive there, I was awake enough to notice the beautiful scenery. There were spring green trees everywhere. Funny how Salt Lake doesn't seem like a desert unless you visit someplace that isn't. We stayed at the Wyndham in Gettysburg, and were only there long enough to sleep, but would definitely recommend it. I didn't take photos, but they have some awesome ones if you click on the link. It took all day, but by the end we were finally ready for our adventure.


MKS said...

i'm so excited to read your posts. we leave on the 29th for dc and are so excited!!

Rob said...

I think you meant Rat Pack.

Does this count as a comment?

Rachelle said...

WOW, so fun! What a great idea, wish I was in your family! Loving the pics.