Monday, May 23, 2011

She just makes me happy.

This photo is definitely going into my "favorites" folder. Ainsley wishes she had glasses, so has been wearing this pair of sunglasses with the lenses removed everywhere the past couple of days, including to church and school. She says they make her look smart. Darn cute too.

She's also taken to carrying around a magnifying glass and notebook, for her "investigations." I love this girl.


The Simmons Story said...

she reminds me of Sally in encyclopedia brown. :) maybe we should make a new version with our kids. Want to do the editing?

Julie said...

I love Ainsley!! What a sweet picture - It's been fun to get caught up on your blog . . . hope you survived ear aches, no sleep, and snow in May - really, no fun - bleah. Tomorrow the sun will be here in full force!!