Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best. Concert. Ever.

Rob thinks The Police concert a few years ago was better. And I'll admit, it's a tough call. But I've got to give it to U2. What a show.

We loved every minute of it. Except maybe the minutes that Fat Courtney Love was shoving/stepping on/groping us. Still, worth all that and the year-long wait. I love them as much (or more) than I did as a teenager. Hope they're still rocking when I'm a grandma.

P.S. This concert was a close runner-up.


Natalia said...

I still can´t believe i missed it.

Julie said...

I'm a little worried about Rob . . . now, The Police was a great concert and Sting sounded unbelievable, but it can't quite compare to U2 and their genius - now, that is a profoundly religious experience ;-).

We'll set the boy straight over dinner!