Monday, June 13, 2011

Bear Lake Weekend

I'm so far behind posting this that I can't really muster the right words to go with the photos. We only had three days at Ralph & Judy's condo, and it was overcast or rainy most of the time. Still, it was like coming home. But with new siding. :)

The kids played to their heart's content at the playground, and Rob helped both Ellie and Ainsley try to learn to ride a bike, since we have hills in every direction at our house.

He was also super-dad and sat at the swimming pool while they swam, along with almost every other person up there. I tried to get photos of the kids in the rare moments that they weren't surrounded in a mass of humanity.

I need to start buying the dark lens goggles...the squishy eye look just isn't attractive on anyone.

I can't remember if Robbie stayed in the condo to read, or if he just swam the other way when he saw me coming with the camera.

One highlight of our weekend was the fact that the Griffiths were there too. Ellie and Ainsley played (and I use that term loosely) croquet with Eli.

While Cole and Joey plotted a screenplay.

The construction hole made a great set.

Forget the Pickleville Playhouse, we had all the drama we could ever want right here.

We fit in dinner and malts at LeBeau's.

And a little more practice on the bikes.

No luck yet. Hopefully they'll get it when we have a full week there in August.

I can't wait.

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