Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Piano Recital

Tonight was Ellie's first piano recital. I promised Ralph and Judy that I'd post video, so here she is, playing Sugar Cookies. She did a great job!

Joey played The Rainbow Connection, and did well too. Unfortunately I zoomed in to get rid of the heads in the audience, but forgot to refocus, so it's blurry.

Robbie is now practicing an hour a day, and it's really paying off. He loves jazz, and definitely has a talent for it.

Their teacher awarded prizes for the most days practicing, and the boys tied for first place. As Rob said, it is probably the first time Joey has been happy that he is forced required to practice daily. They each scored a Slip-n-Slide, Water gun and some fireworks. Joey also admitted that the regular payoff of playing well in front of an audience was pretty cool.

Our performers:

And all four kids:

With their teacher, the fabulous CarolLynn Gregson:

Ainsley can't wait to be her next student.

The kids were so happy to have Great-grandma Clayton at the recital and for our treat at Dairy Queen after the performance.

I missed Father's Day photos this year, so tried to sneak one in while everyone was cleaned up.

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Aimerz said...

I absolutely love reading your blog of all your fun adventures with your ADORABLE family! Sending love and hope you continue to have a fabulous summer!